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Looking to purchase pre-made Vynil designs

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Just bought a Roland GX-300. The Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Mac) is over my budget. Where can I purchase pre-made Vynil Designs to make some t-shirts. Any information is greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
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There are always places like Vector Magic Precision Bitmap To Vector Conversion Online where you can draw up an image in any graphic program (jpg, gif, png) and upload it to the website and it will create a vector image for you. The online version is $7.95 a month for unlimited usage, or you can buy the desktop version.
THe guy next door to me does vinyl, I can see what he charges, do you have a sample art piece and a clue of what you are trying to pay? PM me
Inkscape is a free open source alternative and is VERY capable and well supported of illustrator is out of line budget wise. I started with it and still use it for certain tasks.
A cheaper alternative to the CS5 would be to get a used PC and then get coreldraw x5 on ebay. For less than $300 you could be all set. I would try to find Win XP or Vista. Win 7 doesn't work well with some of the older software.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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