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Hey Guys...... Hope you're all doing ok.
Well...... I am currently managing the pre-press department of a medium sized contract screen printers. We do large scale runs ranging from surf ware to brewery contracts and tote bags etc etc.
However I would love to start up on my own with my own designs...... Probably kids and baby wear but maybe adults too.
I was hoping you could offer some advice on what the basic equipment I could get away with.... We have MHM IQ and a Sportsman but I wouldn't need anything so technical. Also exposure units, printers for the film work etc... I have a rough idea with what we use but would want to scale down for my business as it's just me and would want to do it cheaply but effectively. And because I would be taking my own designs straight to market it would be a completely different set up to what I am used to at work. I am thinking a one colour manual to start perhaps moving on to a carousel...?
Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
It's the printing etc too.... Is this costly for a sole trader.? And the drying of screens and the curing of the tees.......? I just wonder how all this is done on a small scale please.....
Or....... Would I be better to get my designs professionally done by my workplace and work this into the cost etc..?
Eventually I would like to do it myself though.
I hope all this makes sense...... And thank you so much in advance for allowing me to pick your brains.
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