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Looking to have some hats embroidered..

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Hoping to use Anvil 145, 156 or 166 (going for the vintage, washed look).

Wanting my two-color logo on the front at appx. 2"x2", and text (company name) on the back in one of the colors from the front. Hoping to get about 25 done to start, then hopefully can do larger orders in the future.

Haven't gotten the graphic digitized yet, so not sure of stitch count. Hoping to get that done this week.

Anyone tell me about what I should be paying per hat? All the local places quoted me $6-$9 per hat for embroidery only, didn't include price of hat. Total that puts me at anywhere from $9 lower end to $14 upper per hat. Didn't know if that was a good price or not.

Thanks for any help.
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How many do you want to do?
Thinking about 25 or so to start. Hopefully once I get them done and get them shown (to the different retailers I hope will put in orders) then I will be doing at least twice to three times that at a time. *hopefully* :) I totally understand that a larger run = less expensive per hat. Just don't have the funds to pour into a ton of hats without knowing how well they'll sell to begin with.

Check your private messages..
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