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Looking to buy used equipment in austin area

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I'm looking either for a person or website that has used plastisol equipment for sale in the Austin TX area. specifically I'm looking for a cheap exposure unit, but other start up equipment at a good price will be considered. thanks
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There's a guy near Killeen selling some stuff - Awards Gallery I think is the name of the business - look for a thread in classifieds - Hal is in his user name so maybe search on that.
Hello, I don't have anything for sale but I am trying to find the right person to run the screen printing arm of a local music non-profit. If you are looking to start a business screen printing I might have a deal for you. If you are interested please call or text me @ 321-663-8387 - The location of the property is MLK just East of 183.
Hi! I'm at a loss on what to do screen print, DTG, sublimiation, vinyl, etc. I don't want to spend $10000 for a printer. What is a good printer & cost effective? What route did y'all go about starting a t-shirt company. TIA Tammy
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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