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looking to buy single head commercial embroidery machine ?

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hi all. I am opening a embroidery business I am looking to buy a commercial embroidery single head machine I want to use the machine for embroidering towels caps blankets jackets knapsacks suitcases... which machine will do the best job?
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Melco. Best thing to do is contact a distributor and ask them for a demo.
Just about any of the commercial machines will do what you need, the biggest thing is support and service. The top names most people associate with embroidery machines are usually Tajima and Barudan, followed by SWF/Sunstar, Melco, Toyota, Brother and a whole host of others.

Given that these machines are not exactly portable, service and support become almost as important as the original brand is. It doesn't do you any good to buy a top of the line machine if there is nobody in your area qualified to service it. At the same time, the Tajima/Barudan/SWF/Sunstar machines use a lot of the same or very similar components so a lot of techs are capable of fixing all of them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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