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Hey Guys, really excited to be in this Forum, going to have lots of questions.
Ok so im looking to get into Plastisol. 4 colours should do it. Wondering opinions on Packages, or going to buy all teh stuff separatly. I do have some screens, about 3 20x24. Did lots of water based stuff. squeegees, scoop coater, exsposure unit, stuff like that i have. I now need a press, a flash dryer, and a few more screens, plastisol ink, ink cleaner, etc. Wondering if i should look at the package that Silkscreensupllies.com have for sale. its about 1000${ or 1180$ for us canucks}
It looks like the press is a good qaulity, has magnets that hold the arms up instead of the spring type ive seen else where. Also includes screens, inks, and every chem i will need. Wondering if anyone has experience working with these presses. Any info would be a great help. Oh and if theres competition for this deal, please let me know! Youre experience is what im lookin for! Thanks Guys, {and of course ladies} Much Obliged!
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