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Looking to add vinyl to our shop

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Hey guys and gals,we're looking to add vinyl cutting to the business because of the customers we get that just want one of's. Any inexpensive ones that could be recommended getting? We also want to get into doing signs also Thanks for the help!
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GCC Expert 24 or GCC Expert 24 LX is a good quality fairly low priced cutter.
I am a real fan of my GCC Expert 24.....But having said that I also have a Cut3000 which is a re-branded GCC Bengal (890.00).....It cuts more accurate and quieter because of the servo motor....If you can reach to 1,045.00 take a look at the Expert Pro with stand...It has an LCD control panel which is a step up from the Bengal.....And not matter what you get, get a stand.....
I use the Roland GX24 but it is not for the hobbist. It has the servo, optical eye, spot-on accurate but about 1500. I second the stand, makes it less likely to feed incorrectly. I use mine for garments and signs and it is excellent for one-offs or short runs.
GCC experts are good but for a $100 more you can get the pro with the optical eye and do laser jet and injet contour cuts.
Richard were you meaning an Expert24LX?.....The Expert Pro model does not have an eye....
yeah my apologies i meant the lx . they usually run for 595 and the pro is around 995. LX= eye/ pro no eye
Get one with a servo motor not a stepper. Look at the specs, Some stepper ones will have optical eye.
My Expert 24 has served me well but it is so noisy compared to my Cut-3000 (re-branded GCC Bengal)
My Expert 24 has served me well but it is so noisy compared to my Cut-3000 (re-branded GCC Bengal)
My Cut-3000 was quiet. Well thats cuz it took GCC 9 months to fix it.
I have a Cut-3000 and have been pleased with it.
I have a Cut-3000 and have been pleased with it.
Mines been a nightmare. Woudln't cut. Discussion with video on here of the issue. Took to August (got it in Feb) to get something done. GCC had me mail it back at MY COST, of 125.00 to get it looked at. THen they said it just need a firmware upg. WTF !! Something that could have been done over the phone.
Anyways they send it back and when I get it cable has come off. So I have to **** around to get it fixed. Have to tear it down myself and took the motor and stuff off to get the damn cable on. And they leave NO EXTRA for manueavering at all. Finally get it. And then it won't move the vinyl back and forth SO they send new eye or whatever that thing is called. INstall it and still no go.. So they say I need to replace the motherboard so they ship that. I ask two different people to make sure they include instructions on how to do it. Promise me both that they will be there.NOPE. So while its not rocket science its still unnerving. Oh and before they send this board they try to tell me its out of warranty. I say oh no its not. Plus I have the 3 months extra cuz I register on line. So have to dig out all the paper work and scan and send it. Oh your right its not they tell me. So finally send me the motherboard. No intstructions. So rip the dang thing down and get it in and up and running. Great vinyl goes back and forth. now. But won't talk to my windows 7 machine. WTF ! Told it has the lastest firmware etc. Fiddle around. No win 7 communications. I finally get it to talk to a XP machine but need it on my win 7. Finally Ruth logs in and installs some drivers. I say I d/l them from the site. She says these may be somewhat different drivers. WTF. And now its working. One year plus from when I got it.

Oh and I had to mail back the fubared motherboard at my own cost which was like 15.00 bucks. So this in warranty unit cost me another 140 bucks.


But hopefully it stays running now.

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