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Looking more more of these squeegees

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This squeegee was picked up at a trade show a few years back. I'm looking to pick up a couple more and some replacement blades, but I have no idea what vendor we bought it from. Heck, I can't remember if it was bought at a sign trade show or an apparel trade show.

Anybody able to point me in the right direction?


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I think this might be what your looking for.

Wild Side North | Catalog
Not the right squeegee but thanks for the help Justin.

I wasn't sure who made it, but Gcanno pointed me in the right direction with the Newman link and I exchanged email with the president Don Newman and he is going to sell to us directly now that Ryonet stopped carring them.
No problem.

what are some the pros of using a squeegee like that? for a manual press.
Those squeegees are good for push stroke printing especially white ink. I need to get a few new blades also
I bought one at an ISS show a few years back but never got the hang of working with it. Cut it in half thinking it might be easier to control on a shorter length, and I don't have a lot of 7" or so squeegies anyway. Still no-go. I understand the concept, and I'm a squeegie pusher, but I could never get a good print with it. Odd, because I push my regular squeegies exactly the same way.
They are marketed with the high tension mesh and M3 frames--for printing with 70-100 newton screens.

I still haven't tried a manual, but the auto style work well with 30-50 newton screens, but only with less viscous inks--at least with a regular floodbar. I love them--until it's cleanup time.
I use the on my MZX screens at. 40-50ncm. Yes it took some messing around to get the right technique. I thin all my ink except black so maybe why I have luck with them but I only use them on my white.
i have one bought it from ryonet on sale.. it worked out real nice one thing i found was to go real slow... and i got real nice prints.. i used it twice on a 20n static and a 40n mzx and going slow i got the same result.... only thing i hate about it, is cleaning it ..... albie
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