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looking for work

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My name is Richard Johnson. I am currently living in TN, United States. I am 39 years old and looking for work as a screen printer slash t-shirt artist. I have been in the screen printing industry for 20 years and 13 of those years I have worked as a diesigner as well.
I also have an Associates degree in Website design and development. I would like to secure employment in Canada before I come to live there. I have wanted to move to Canada for many years but I have a son here. Now that he is grown and off to College and doing very well I feel that it is time to make my move. If you know of any positions available or any printing companies needing my skills I would greatly appriciate any feedback.
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in canada or anywhere, with your skills you can live in Cananda and work as designer from home. visit my webite and contact me i may have something for you.
I am wanting to settle and work in Montreal.
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