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looking for women's fashion tee

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Hello, I bought some organic printed tees from the Gaiam catalog a while back and they were shaped to flare out at the hip and they were longer than usual.
I loved them and I'm looking through all the suppliers catalogs and can't find anything like them. Plus the catalogs are very confusing.
For instance, what does sheer mean in a tee. You can't see the models bra through them so they can't really be sheer.
Also what does ring spun mean?
Is there anywhere that has an explanation of all the terms used?
I hate to order samples over and over and not find one I like.
Thanks a lot, everyone. I found this forum a couple of days ago and I've got square eyeballs now. I even woke up at 3 oc this morning and read some more.
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If you are looking for that specific shirt, the RN# listed on the size tag might help. Enter that number into this database to see the possible source: https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/TextileRN/wrnquery$.startup

Sheer means thin. The fact the picture did not show a bra could simply mean it was photoshopped out.

Ring spun is a method of looming cotton which makes for a softer fee.
Thanks a lot, Joe. I tried the RN number and got no results but on the tag it says made in Pakistan so I imagine Gaia just has them made there under their own label.
So I'm going to stick to tees that say 5 oz at first because I really don't want them see-through.
You really helped a lot, I'm going to bite the bullet and order my press and practise tees today.

I don't know what quantity you're looking for , but I know that American Apparel makes longer shirt/dress t's. Being a Muslim woman, I wear longer clothing and found this to be a great fit, but the neck line was kinda low. Modest t is another one I bought from Costco at one time.

There are a lot of companies out there, but finding the wholesaler behind it is difficult. There is a site called The Giant Peach | Phone Orders: 1-866-384-7271 and many companies sell longer t's on there. Perhaps you can contact the individual lines and see what they say.

Good Luck!
Thanks a lot, I'll try that out,
You can try the Bella 8701 or US Blank 101 Both are Sheer Jersey Longer Length T-Shirt
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Thanks, Deb, but I think those are cut for Juniors like Bella.
Here are the specs:

What does that mean? If that is the measurement across the front of the tank then do they mean that some women have a 21.5 inch bust. No-one I know!
I have no clue what they are talking about. But I got some Bellas yesterday and they were the same, miniature clothing.
The stores are full of women's nicely cut tees, scoop necked, shaped at the waist, wider at the hip, from Penneys to Macys. But not one is available as a blank.
Isn't that a little strange? I must not be the only one who wants to sell to average sized women.
Thanks for your help,
I use the alstyle womens sheer tee for my line John William Jesse . they print discharge great and girls have loved them, also the seams are very nice for all over printing
Those are really cool, Garrett.
Those are about the opposite of my target market, older women.
They don't like sheer tees ;-)
Thanks a lot,
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