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Looking for wholesale personalized gift items such as baby blankets

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I am wanting to carry personalized baby blankets, garden flags, etc in my store. I have seen other places sell these same blankets similar to this:


The above is obviously not my listing, just used as an example of what I am looking for. I would be using my own designs. Anyone know of a wholesaler who sales these items. I know the obvious answer would be to invest in a sub printer to do it myself, but I do not have the cash right now to invest but want to offer these items in store....

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I haven't seen those blankets but you might check out Mint! home - Mint. They have lots of really cute stuff for babies and small children and they do sell wholesale.
I had embroidered a lot of those for a customer to sell to her clients. Once you have the file set up, it really isn't a problem to run them each time.
I understand that you want to use your own designs, and I think that's a wonderful idea.
There are a few options for finding wholesalers who sell personalized baby blankets and garden flags. One option is to search for "personalized baby blanket wholesale" or "personalized garden flag wholesale" on Google or other search engines. You can also search for wholesale directories, such as Wholesale Central, Alibaba, or ThomasNet, which have listings of wholesalers and suppliers.
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