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Looking for Wholesale DTG Printer...

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We are a small screen print shop on Staten Island, NY. While we are small we have some great clinets: NYPD, FDNY, PAPD, Newark Airport Port Authority Police and others. Quality is our first priority.

We are in need of finding someone who can quality DTG print on black shirts.

Prefer to work with someone who is 1-3 days shipping area from us. Would also like to see a sample of your black print work.

If you can print from a sample file I have... fine or send me a sample of your own file... it doesnt matter. Just looking for someone who is good with the DTG printing.

Feel free to contact me with pricing.

Tim Rosario ( tim at print-n-tees.com)
718-815-2572 - fax

or PM me here on T-Shirt Forums.


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What is the Volume you need?

My Friend you have a lot of Dead links on your page just incase you wasn't aware
Thank you about the dead links... we are rebuilding a new website. :)

Most of our business is direct to customer... we use to have an online designer.. but we did not have a good DTG printer in the past. Hopefully we can soon change that.

PS Responded to the PM!!


Printzilla-Would you be able to PM info as well? Thanks. :)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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