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Looking for where I could print on items such as blankets or pillows

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I'm in the UK and want to find - rather than tshirt printing - you know how you get sports team blankets or mats for the house etc...different garments rather than tshirts

Where could I find these things from?
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Unsure about the UK, but in the States sublimation suppliers, some DTG suppliers, and some blank t-shirt suppliers have these items.

Some sites from the US that carry these types of products and may ship overseas, also gives you an example of where to start your search:
Transfer Paper, Heat Press, Ink Cartridges, Copier Toner - Coastal Business Supplies - Dye sublimation provider, has mats
WASATCH - Tees of Atlanta - Provides blank t-shirts, but has a lot of blankets and such
Hrm, never done or seen anything like that from the stores I've purchased from. I guess you could buy the cloth and print on it, then stuff the foam and seal it yourself. I would think a local craft store should be able to supply all the necessities to do that on a small scale. Maybe another member can kick in with a better idea though. I don't think it's a finished pillow that is then printed on because the contour and shape would cause issues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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