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looking for vintage graphics

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FIRST, I am new to the tshirt industry. Let me rephrase that, I just bought a heat press last week. Playing with vinyl, loving it...

I bought my daugher the cutest tee ever. It is vintage maybe direct print (?), I am wondering if there is a company that sells this type of graphic on transfer paper ready for me to heat press? I will try to attach a photo of the design so you will know what I am talking about!


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thanks a million, I will take a look! I didn't mean this design per say, just something along this line!!! hopefully I will find something on one of the sites!!!!
Good luck with your new heat press.
Joe Are you familiar with our company?
Joe Are you familiar with our company?
Sorry Ed, i meant to mention proworld, and forgot!
thanks everyone, I spent hours looking around last night. I am going to order tonight from a few of them!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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