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Looking for UK equipment supplier

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Hi, just joined the forum and I've spent days looking for a supplier of mug press and 38cm x 38cm Clam press but every time I think I've found the one, I read something bad about the company or their products are really pricey.

Some are saying there is no backup others say the products are downright dangerous.

Do you really have to pay £300 for a mug press from someone like NovaChrome or £485 + vat from The Transfer Press. Coralgraph seem to have them for about £120 but some say you can't get hold of them when you need spares.

I seem to have figured out that Hotronics supply the better larger heat press but at about £1200, are there any middle of the road suppliers?

When you are buying printers, Sawgrass inks and cutters all at the same time it shoots your budget to pieces!

Some advice and contacts would be really appreciated
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