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looking for tote bag without outside pocket

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I am looking for a tote bag without an outside pocket that is natural color with colored handles. One that is at least 17 oz cotton. Can anyone suggest where to look please. Most I have found have an outside pocket and I want to embroider them and I can't embroider over the pocket. thanks, Jean
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Is the design too big to embroider on most pockets? Can you embroider on the reverse side of the bag?
It's too difficult to get into a pocket to do much of an embroidery design. You can't get it around the bobbin area of the machine easily, and I was afraid if I embroider the "back" side of the bag that people might perceive that the bag is embroidered backwards. Jean
I don't know what machine you're using and how big your design is but bag "pockets" vary in size and can usually be embroidered if the design is small enough. If I was concerned about someone thinking that the wrong side was embroidered I would consider embroidering a small design such as a mongram on the pocket side in addition to the large design on the other side. Or, ask your customer if embroidering on the non-pocket side is a problem. If I tell a customer I can't do something and offer a different solution they almost always go with my suggestion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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