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Many manufacturers have a 'Tall' version of their t-shirt - with Gildan it's the 2000T for example. Typically they're about 2.5" longer than the regular version. Looking at that picture it's hard to get a sense of whether or not that would be enough, since the model is pulling the shirt out and stretching it lower than it would hang naturally.

Unfortunately it's not something I've seen the cooler manufacturers like American Apparel doing, so if you're looking for a slim fit ringspun tall tee it might be harder to come by. If that's the case, maybe try some of the more fashion forward companies and see if the tunic style has come back around again already (fashion is cyclical, but that does seem a little too recent to be rearing it's head again already).

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I'm interested in t-shirts with a longer length than what I've been using. Has anyone seen these around anywhere?
Dear Matt,

The tees are mostly cut fit for ladies, as Solmu said, these kind of tees cut in ring-spun cotton is rare to find for men's size chart but to custom made them.

Best regards,

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