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Looking for this font ID

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Good morning everyone. Can someone point me at the name of the "East End" font? I guess it's some kind of embroidery font but surely it's out there. Thanks in advance!


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It's possible that there isn't a computer font available. Embroiderers often use some weird fonts.
I know, that's exactly what I'm afraid of. I guess it's time to give the old pen tool another workout. :mad:
Try this website whatthefont.com or identifont.com - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name.
If you can not identify this font, this might not be a font. the name of the "East End" is just a graphics and it happens in many designs.Do you need to print this image? If you need to print it, the vector designer can help you convert this text to curves and lines. You do not need to worry about anything!
I know you need larger "clean" (unobstructed) type characters for whatthefont.com. This design does not offer that and whatthefont.com will not recognize this particular font.

Good luck, I think the pen tool may be your best option. ;)
Yep, that's what I ended up with. I usually try WTF or identifont first but I knew neither one would have a prayer with it being embroidered. @James: I am the vector designer, that's why I was trying to find the font! ;)
You might try contacting East End.
Eh, I just ended up redrawing it, much quicker than trying all day to run down the original creator. Thank you anyway!
It is Spring Light, according to MyFonts

Embroiderers often use some weird fonts.
Embroiderers only use wierd fonts because that is what designers put in the art. :p


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you can also try to match it in dafont.com good luk with that
Good job Steve!!!!!
Yep, that's the one! Happy printing. :D
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