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Looking for the most cost effective way(s)

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Hello all and thank you for your time!

I have designs up on a fulfillment site. My problem is I don't have the means ( a place to do the work myself ) to produce the products myself. I am looking to change that as I don't wish to have a customer pay 20 plus dollars and another 5 to ship the shirt.

So which process is the most cost effective? (screen, heat transfer, etc.) Which can I get started without a ton of $? Or maybe your business and mine can join forces for this? The designs are fairly simple and don't require a lot.

I'm driving at a niche that can make a lot of money, of which I intend to use towards a ministry to provide aid to a small list of needs.

So right now I'm looking at the "nuts and bolts" of the whole thing and trying to plan a path to get going without a large start up cost. When the money starts to come in, changes will be made to become more efficient and just getting started is the goal as of now.

Without making this too long and wordy, I will end here with hopes that I have said enough to elicit some responses. Again, thank you for taking the time to read and perhaps help here!
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