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Looking for the best printer for film output

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Hello! I'm searching for the best, most cost efficient printer, along with any information on being able to create halftones- or the best software. Currently I am looking into the Epson Surecolor p400 wide format (I found one on craigslist for 300. The information I keep finding is confusing, so any insight would be delightful!
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What software do you use to create your art? If you use CorelDraw, the SimpleSeps package is good: SmartRIP and SimpleSeps Raster.

Pretty much any Epson 13" would suffice. However, I think best results are had with third-party UV blocking dye ink in an all-black configuration ... so I would make sure you can get third-party refillable carts for any printer you consider.

I get my film and ink from this place:
Film output and Screen Print Supplies
Fixxon is another popular brand for films.

One of the earliest purchases I made was AccuRIP. While it has good tools to dial in your ink flow/deposit with an all-black ink set, overall I think it is way overpriced and somewhat limited in scope compared to something like CD combined with SimpleSeps. I never use it for ripping anymore, just as a very expensive ink management utility :eek:

The Epson WF7210 has been on sale recently for as little as $149 with free shipping. Toss the pigment inks that come with it, and load it up with UV blocking dye in refillable carts. That said, I'm not sure how well film media would feed from the internal trays ... perhaps someone else has experience with the similar models with regard to that. I feed JPPS transfer paper through mine with no issues.

My inclination here is to get the cheapest printer than will get the job done, so when it dies you can toss it and get another without shedding a tear, or much money.

That said, I print my films with an Epson R1900 ... but I bought it at closeout for just over $200.
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I have the Epson 1430 running Accurip Black Pearl on Mac 10.12.6.
I used to have the Epson 1400 until is stopped outputting ink for some reason.

The Epson 1400 offered a square resolution of 1400x1400 (if memory serves correctly) and seems to output better quality films than the 1430, with resolution 720x720.

Any suggestion on improving the film output, when I crank up to max resolution seems it's not as crisp.

I use a EPSON 7720 ... does boarderless tabloid size (11x17) ... great for film out-put ...
I just picked up a Canon IPF605 24" printer for £110. Hardly used and in very good condition. Few test prints ive done it looks like a good cheap option for large format printing
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