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Looking for TeeShirt sources to buy at wholesale prices

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Hi, I am starting an independent tee shirt clothing line and I am looking for a source for all of my materials. Could you help me get materials at wholesale prices? Or explain to me steps I can take to get them at that price? Everywhere I have looked so far has been around $7-10 a shirt.

Please email me at

or contact me directly at 817-808-3546
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You need a reseller or vendor's license to get wholesale prices. That will make you legal. Or you can go to blankshirts.com and get shirts, but at above wholesale price.
How would I go about getting a license? Is it a simple process that anyone can do? How much are they? And could I just source my shirts from someone that already has one?

Thank you,

You have to start a business and license it in your state. It's a fairly simple process. No, you cannot share someone else's license. Depending on your state in order to sell legally you have to be in business. Check your state's website. Unless you're not located in the USA, if that's the case I have no idea.
And could I just source my shirts from someone that already has one?
Yes, Those are the people selling to you at 7-10....

You need to form a business in your state, get a federal EIN and then register to collect sales taxes in your state.

You should be able to complete the whole process in a couple weeks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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