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Looking for someone to work with!

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Hey ya people!

Okay, I am Zack, from Singapore. I will be flying to LA for a couple of days in September this year, and I need to find someone to work with!

Basically, I need someone registered with AA and can purchase their t-shirts at wholesale pricing. Like you guys know, their retail prices are eff-ed up!

When I am there, I will be purchasing directly from you guys, cash on receiving the product. Will try to bring as many tshirts back to Singapore. However, I am looking for more of the long-term deal in which probably you can help me send the tshirts to Singapore and I will pay either through paypal or other means.

Looking for someone trustworthy and nice to work with here! :) I'm quite a nice person, I think. HAHAHAHA
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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