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Looking for software (estimates, proofs, schedule, billing, approvals, etc)

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So right now our company basically gets a quote request from our website. We have a work order we built in microsoft excel we will out that helps us figure out price. I build that info and hand the excel file to my art team (step 1)

Then we hand off to an artist. He develops art in illustrator. (step 2)

Then a second person (project manager) sends the quote and proof via gmail (step 3). He also accepts the approval via a simple email. The client must then CALL to give payment and shipping info (step 4).

It comes back to me to order blank goods and put into our schedule (step 5). The print staff gets the folder and prints the items (step 6).


We get a lot of complaints there are a lot of steps AND that it comes from multiple people and in separate forms (email, calls, etc).

Does anyone have any good recommendation for affordable software that can handle all this in a streamlined manner? We want something more streamlined like CustomInk for submitting art and getting quotes and approvals and payment -- but also something internally that manages everything in a clear way ALL employees can see.

Quotes online, approvals online, proofs sent online, workflow management all in one place, etc

However we do not have money to develop something like InkSoft --- are there any affordable software solutions for printers
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Have you checked out online solutions like Printavo? There are others too who post here.
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