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What is your go to Poly shirts for sublimation especially white? Bought a Jerzees T a few weeks back after doing some reading and my son has been wearing it and it feels great and looks great (not sublimated on ) so I ordered some more of them in different colors (the one I bought was a light grey) and pretty disappointed in the white ones as you put your hand in there and you are seeing your hand. When you get the larger sizes trust me nobody wants anybody seeing anything and at 6' 330 pounds I know :) In Polyester is there a shirt out there that runs close to size and is not so thin you see through it? I have read that the Vapor shirts are good but that the cut in the arms are higher and a little tighter than a regular shirt but not tried them yet. If you have used a solid shirt that sublimates well I would appreciate your input. I have read a few post about this but maybe something new has come along. Thanks
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