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Looking for screen printers with good pricing

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Im looking at sites like threadbird.com and merchspin.com but i feel like im still missing out on others? Anything out there, i dont mind to have to get them shipped to me.
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Those sites charge a premium because they are holding the inventory for you..you don't have to buy blanks and have them shipped to your printer. You are technically in a better situation from a cash flow standpoint because you can purchase exactly the quantity of shirts you want/need.

You can get cheaper printing if you buy the blanks separately and use a local screen printer so you can drop the blanks off and pick them up.

You have to also consider the type of screen printing you want...with a local printer that you can create a relationship with you can go to their shop and work with them on samples until they understand the look/feel you're going for.

We use family industries in LA and we've been happy with them. The prices seem fair and we have worked with them to get the printing to a look/feel that we want for our brand and we find big value in that.

Good luck!
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Thanks! Do you live in LA or do you have them shipped to you? Im in the Bay Area and everything just seems to be expensive out here. Im just thinking about my designs with front and back.. Dont want to pay for so many screens you know
Printing on front and back is definitely going to cost you...consider if you really need to print on both sides. I don't think you get the ROI if you print on both sides (personal opinion..depends on many variables).

Since it appears you'll have to pay for shipping the product to you at some point, consider buying blanks and having them shipped direct to your screen printer. Then your printer can apply your designs and you can pick them up or have them shipped to you. It seems unavoidable to pay shipping at some point..

Alternative would be to use a fulfillment service...these businesses typically want all of your business from blanks, printing, finishing, shipping to customer, etc. but this helps your cash flow position (you don't have to carry inventory) and eliminates shipping and handling between service providers in your supply chain. You lose out on margin though because they make margin on all the services...you pay for the simplicity and risk avoidance.

Hope that helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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