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I have purchased an Epson WorkForce 7710 printer and I believe I have settled on COBRA pigment inks. I already have a Digital Knight 16 x 20 heat press so now all I need are some T-shirts. I have heard that Gildan shirts are not good and pretty much found that out for myself. I have about 150 gilden's from the last time I attempted to do this type of work I had childcare issues back then so had to stop before I really even got started) I just washed them all after pulling them out of storage and many of them came unstitched at the hems.

So my first question to you all is what is your recommendation on t-shirts that are the highest quality on the lower end cost? Will need men's and women's sizes along with larger women sizes that don't fit tight at the waist or arms.

2. Which do you think works better for heat transfer with pigment inks, cotton or 50-50 blend? I love the feel of cotton but 50/50 usually hold up longer than cotton.

3. Any suggestions for someone just starting out is appreciated. I'll be working from my home to start with but I plan to go mobile within the year.
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