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Looking for printer in Queens NY

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I have a streetwear clothing line that is being carried in 3 stores currently and will be ordering on a monthly basis. The next order I would like to put in will be for about 75 shirts. My current printer has excellent quality when done correctly but made several mistakes and I feel the DTG price is too high.

I would highly prefer if the printer is in Queens or even Brooklyn.

If you are interested, please tell me if you use screen print, DTG or capable of both and if you can print neck tags.
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I'm in Philadelphia pa. How many colors are your designs. Could be cheaper if screen printed. We did both but not satisfied with the dtg end so getting ride of that end from our shop
I am located in Jamaica, Queens and I specialize in DTG printing. Email me at [email protected] for more info.
Helloooo Massachuestts is right next door :D
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