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I dont know if this should be in classifieds section but Im looking for someone that has the ability to contract for print and cut tshirt tranfers.
I just purchased a promotional business and will be getting shirt orders but dont have time to learn screenprinting.I do have a direct to garment printer so I will be handling anything with light shirts but with darks I would rather do some other method like screenprinting or vinyl.
The problem with contract screen printing on full color darks is it gets costly and doesn leave much
profit for me.
I think a one color dark is safe to contract sceen print and make a little money but say 3 or more colors gets a bit more pricey.
I have a heat press so would be looking for you to print and cut of the design(s) i provide i,which you would tell me what program to use or how to send it and then send the tranfers and I would heat apply them.
Im not familiar with the printing/cutting cost but obviously this would all have to make sense over
full color screenprinting.
Another scenario is I have an epson 1100 and could print the design and could contract out to
contour cut it and then you send it back and I could heat press it.
I realize the the feel and quality will be different
but that will be explained to my customers depending on there quanity and budget.
I Will be open to any suggestions on this.And
thats why I didnt put it in the classifieds
I just dont want to try to burden my DTG with
dark printing (even though it can but is a hassle)
but I do need a means of doing dark shirts and still making a liitle money.
Im in California so it would be a plus for someone
in my area,but is not a dealbreaker.
You can also email me at
Or leave your contact info in this thread to discuss

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I didnt look low enough
Thanks ,I see the larger size now.
Thats not bad prices at all considering all I have do is heat press it without messing with screens ink or equipment.
Have you used them at all ?
Do you know what an average retail charge to a customer would be for a full color 12.75 x 19 or
something close to that.
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