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So i am going to be using a heat transfer technique for this design I have which involves pocket tees. This technique only shows up adequately on light colors. I usually do my shirt buying through alstyle but unfortunately they offer there pocket tee in a very limited number of colors (the only ones Ide be able to use with the heat transfer are white and heather grey...). Then yesterday I had thought I found my answer in the Hanes beefy pocket tee (they have sand, silver, light blue, and many other light colors which would enable me to offer my designed pocket tees in a wider variety of colors to customers). Except all the t shirt wholesaler sites that sell the beefy list it as a tagless shirt which doesnt work unless there is an easy way to remove tagless tags that I am not aware of. The weird thing is the hanes site shows pictures with tags and does not list the shirt as 'tagless'. They dont sell it even close to the wholesaler sites so I dont want to go through them.

So I guess my question is does anyone have a recommendation for another company that offers a pocket tee in a wide range of (light) colors? alternative apparel doesn't even have a pocket tee that isn't a v-neck (I think) and I dont like the fit of american apparel--not too mention those two companies are on the more pricey side of the spectrum. Thanks.
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