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f to the soong said:
proclub shirts run fairly large like long tees, can any one confirm this?
That's what I've heard as well, but you'll want to order a sample for yourself so you can be sure your idea of "fairly large" is the same as theirs. Here's a thread about proclub with their contact info.

anyone know where i can get this product wholesale or something similar?
There are many manufacturers of this type of style. AmericanApparel and AlternativeApparel are two that come to mind.

im also looking for information on obtaining a tax id number or resellers license (same thing?) how much does it cost? do i obtain it from my local government?
To get that you would need to contact the State Board of Equalization for whatever state you're in, assuming you're in the US. They will tell you the pricing for your state.

can i get it without having a registered company?
I think so, but you can contact your State Board of Equalization and they'll let you know. I think you might need a DBA or at least a fictitious business name statement, but they'll tell you for sure.

and finally, any screen printers in miami? i want to work closely with a pro so that i can learn directly, im willing to pay for my materials and your time i will make my own screens and press them myself.
Since we don't allow advertising on this board, it won't be possible for screen printers to respond to your request. But if you want to work closely with your printer, your best bet is to pick up the local yellow pages and start calling the local screen printers and asking them the questions you want answered and opening up a dialogue with them so you can get a feel of which ones you might want to work with more.

If you're in Florida, the state website has information about starting a business:

sorry if this has been covered, i ve been searching and lurking but havent found definitive answers, i have been looking for a forum like this, thanks to whoever started this
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