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I am seriously considering starting my own business selling handpainted t-shirts for toddlers and children. I bought some white blank t-shirts at Walmart and Michaels for testing.
I really liked the Jerzees heavyweight blend (50%cotton,50%polyester) shirts because of little shrinkage, feel and it is less see-through than the cheap Fruit of the Loom 3pack (100% cotton).

My problem is that Jerzees does not make any toddler size (2T to 5T) t-shirts.
So I am looking for a brand that:
- is similar to the Jerzees
- is 50%cotton/50%polyester
- offers toddler sizes (2T-5T)
- baby (18, 24 months) sizes would be great but not nessessary

Also, does anybody know of any wholesale warehouses in western PA or around that region that let you go and look at their merchandise?

I am new to this forum and would appreciate any kind of help! Thank you!

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Also, the shirts you saw at walmart may not be the same styles that are available to wholesalers for printing. So the Hanes shirts in the 3 pack may not be the ones that people use to print on.

Other toddler t-shirt brands you could look into are: Hanes, Apples and Oranges, Rabbit Skins, AmericanApparel, and I think there are a few more.
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