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Looking for info on this press

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Can anyone make a guess as to the make and model of this press? Cheaply priced online, but not sure. It's a long drive from here.


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Mostly, I wonder about the likelihood that I could replace any missing or busted parts.
Looks like an older Lawson.
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What's it going for? And how far?

There is a decent Brown 4/4 on Craigslist in **** Rapids... They're asking $800, probably go less...

Might be worth checking out???

Also, just an idea, since we're so close, maybe we can bounce our needs off each other??? Might help in the future?

(I have an associate in Minneapolis with a press for sale, I'll ask him what it is and how much he wants for it.)
It was 78 miles away. But, only $100.00. I was hesitant cause the guy couldn't answer any questions about it. I didn't want to drive that far for nothing. I could see in the photo that at least one of the roller bearings was broken. Turns out, it got scooped up while I was thinking about it. Oh, well, $100 saved.

Yes, connecting sounds like a good idea. Shoot me an email.
That was a good deal for a Lawson I had an old 6/4 and liked the side clamps and Belive it or not that thing held perfect registration

All the bearings are avalible at automotive store. They are axle bearings
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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