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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to get some glitter ink for a couple of small projects.

I see that One Stroke Inks has some and I'm sure its great but its pretty steep at $101 a quart and $170 a gallon. I think getting the gallon is a no brainer as it basically cuts the cost in half but I'm not even sure if I will make that much in profit off of this small job. Of course I will have 15/16ths of a gallon sitting on the shelf but who knows when I will be able to use it.

I also see that Atlas is selling a Crystalina Shimmer that I can overprint on any color so that seems like a better way to go, plus its much cheaper at $40 a quart.

Anyone have any feedback as to what I should be wary of?

My image that I'm looking to overprint isn't very detailed so I should be ok with the low mesh count (they recommend 50-61).

I guess I have led myself into another question as to how much more would you charge for a glitter print?

Thanks a lot everyone!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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