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Looking for fairly priced DTG printing services in London / UK with no minimum orders?

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Hi there guys, I'm in search of a new DTG printing company /service capable of doing single / small runs. I was using a good company called freshairLTD and they would supply the blanks as they would order them from continental and so forth then print on the clothing for me and charge me at the end which was perfect meaning I didn't have to put up any capital upfront. I'd pay around £7-8 for the blank hoodie and then £6 for the print which was quite decent. Then suddenly they said their minimums are 250 lol. If anyone can assist me on a DTG printer preferably in london so I can visit in person and build a relationship for when demand increases. Any help will be much appreciated.

p.s I'm also in search of a shop / showroom where I can see different ranges of blank clothing in person preferably in / close to London and the cheapest best quality sewn in labelmaker company from the UK?

Thank you!

*please reply on the thread, I can?t receive PM?s as it?s full and I?ve only received 2 lol*
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