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Looking for experienced DTG printer in the UK (ideally West Midlands based)

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I'm looking for a printer who runs a decent DTG setup (and, in particular, can colour match) - and who is happy to print orders received through the company I work for (at the start infrequent, hopefully building in volume as our current customers like the print and reorder). We're looking to build an ongoing relationship with a DTG printer who can turn around jobs for us in a decent amount of time; the company I work for primarily manufactures and sells Organic Fairtrade t-shirts and we will be supplying garments for some print - in some cases though we'll just want print on Gildans / FotLs etc.

(We used to have our own DTG gear, but we mothballed it a while back - and now we find ourselves being asked to do DTG print for some clients! (the history of our own DTG gear is a looooong story. ;))

I've been looking for a printer who can offer DTG in the Midlands for a while now and I've had slim to no luck whatsoever. Please could any UK-based printer make themselves known to me? (preferably based in the Midlands area as that's where we are, but happy to hear from just about company who can produce consistent, colour-accurate DTG prints using preferably Kornit, Brother or DTG brand equipment etc)

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Ah! Never even saw the Refs & Recs forum, I'm such a dumbass sometimes. ;) (cheers)
its ok, many don't see that.. people that want to promote their business must PM you and aren't allowed to promote within a normal post such as this one...

the R&R section promoting is allowed
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Apologies for the incorrect post placement, won't do it again! (promise :))
We are DTG specialists based in sheffield, we also offer print on demand fulfilment serives if required.

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