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Looking for experienced and professional SCREEN PRINTER. WANTED!

I am looking for a high-end screen printer who can screen print using quite a variety of styles of printing. I need someone who knows how to screen very finely detailed images on very soft t-shirts. I want to use dye, ink, burnout and discharge ink and have images that range from super bold images to very large and fine images. All of which will be located on the sides of the shirt and will be in single color. I have been looking around and have only found places that do very thick and quick prints on Haynes t-shirts. I have my own shirts and need about 1500 done. I have been hard pressed to find a professional and artistic enough screen printer in New England that I can work with on this project. If you know of someone or are someone who could help out on a large order like this I would be pleased to talk to you. Please contact me with any questions, ideas, and your company info including website if you have one. Please PM me.

Ps Below will be an example image. I need these prints to mainly be done via discharge printing and the bolder images done via fine ink and dye. Burnout will be tackled later. I also don't want to see the fine dots that look like basic commercial prints. I will also include an upclose of a shirt that I have notice the fibers and notice the image with the X through it of what I don't want.

Thanks guys

(if it doesnt show up click on: http://howierocket.50megs.com/22.jpg )

and finally the incorrect style :

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