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Looking for European suppliers

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Heya, I've fallen completely in love with Alternative Apparels tees. Are there any suppliers in Europe that sell a similar product or does anyone supply AA tees. Many thanks!
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Just a secondary thought, always try to have multiple vendors and brands to back you up. Falling in love with one, is a risky business sense.
Hi Steve, my initial thought was it would be a lot less complicated for a newbie to not have to worry about import taxes etc etc. I wanted to see what was available in EU countries before I started looking to Asia. I'm in Germany.
Like you I falled in love with this brand 4 years ago, but it is too expansive.

There is resellers in France, but better to directly ask alternative who is the reseller in your area
[email protected]

Anyway, I bought in the past from them :
Interjeans S.r.L. and they ship to germany.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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