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It has been awhile since I have been on here, but I have been super busy getting my new company off the ground. We are set to launch in a few months and I am looking for a do-it-all printing company or companies that work with others to handle everything.

The company I am starting is very unique. We will be doing many things including: flock, waterbase, foil and screenprinting, etc. We will also be doing embroidery.

We are looking for a company that can print and get our orders to us within a week. To make this easier, we will have our designs to the printer weeks in advance. We will also give a schedule that will show what days we will be ordering what designs. I will go into this in more detail after contact is made.

We would also like the company to be willing to do prototypes. This is extremely important to our company and something that I will explain in further detail upon contact.

We also need a company that can do all this on a weekly basis. You will know weeks in advance what will need to be done and when, so it is not like you will get suprised all the time.

My business partner is Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh. Our company will be doing a lot of higher end stuff.

Please email me at [email protected]

Thank You
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