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looking for designers

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my name is Alex and i´m representing a start up company.

We are going to open a new type of restaurant in bavaria, germany. It´s going to be a cool and lifestyle place.
And therefore i´m looking for t-shirt designers, designing t-shirts like well known Hard Rock t-shirts.
I´m going to photograph typicall buildings in the city were the restaurant will open and i need this buildings designed in a cool and fancy way

If someone is interested pls. reply.

Best regards
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hello my name is emanuel i would be glad to take on that task let me know when you get set up
thanks emanuel
That sounds like fun and right up my alley as well. I can also print them for you and private label them.
check out my web site at Custom Screen Print T-Shirts and More from Robison Art.
your site looks good i see you silkscreen u dont design

I have done a logo with a building on it...Have a look at www.rhinestonecanada.ca and go to "Hot fix motif" page..On the last part there is logo..
Rhinestone Canada
looks good u do rhinestones awsome
lets get started on this picture u want do u do regular pic

Yes I use regular picture...

I also make my own/exclusif design (geese, dolphin/sun - palms, tiger, orca).


To "Bloodlinegraphic"...

Are you writing about my web site? Not sure to who you are writing...

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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