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Looking for design help

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I am looking for someone to help me bring my ideas to life...I have photoshop and have created some work myself for designs BUT I feel like some of them aren't as great as they could be maybe adding some graphics would improve them as most of my ideas are font based im not a graphics person by nature so I really struggle in this area. I have heard some people use fiver which tbqh is in my budget whereas I had a guy on Instagram quote me $150 per design which I simply don't have to pay what with all the other things im paying for. So I wanted advice or a referral...how can I elevate my designs? is there someone who is less expensive a design student on here perhaps that would intern with me to have a portfolio of work? or even someone who just starting out? Idk I don't want come across cheap I just am a grassroots operation trying to get off the ground. TYIA for any advice or help!
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Hi, we have free custom service. You can send us your design and our designer help you improve your design. Our minimum order quantity is not high.

*I tried to send a message so ignore me if you got it already*

Do you use Photoshop for everything, for screen printing or just other design work? I had to learn doing separations in Photoshop on my own, and even then we still output through Illustrator. So not a complete expert but I'm capable enough :p

If there's like a specific thing you're trying to do, I can give you some tips?

The way to solve that for the long term is to work on improving your design skills, and the way to do that is to do more art and try new techniques. Watch some YouTube videos on accomplishing certain things with your software. I've been using CorelDraw for around 25 years and still learn new and better ways to do things when I design.

Depending on what sort of designs you want to make, you may get better results more easily with a vector program (CorelDraw, Illustrator) rather than a raster program like PhotoShop. But opinions vary on that point. I use both/either depending on what I am doing.

But don't overcomplicate things for yourself. Simple sells. Many shirts are just text; extra bonus points for using a font and arrangement that is suitable for the idea ... at least half the stuff out there does not. A simple cartoony graphic or tweaking the text to creating some sort of art element can add that extra bit of interest and/or another layer of pun/joke/innuendo.

My best sellers have all been a combination of text and a simple image that taken together have meaning, but would not on their own (both are required to make the joke/idea work). If an idea does not require a graphic, adding something may, or may not, improve it from the customer's point of view. All my current best sellers are single-color prints, though my first was a 3-color print that absolutely had to be 3 colors.

But YMMV. See what works for you.
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Designing part is not a big issue ... What exactly you are looking for ?
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