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Looking for "Customized girl Tees" in wholesale

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Hi guys,
I came across This website "Customized girl" for ladies T-shirt, I kind of like the cut and fitting but they are quite expensive
I contacted them for wholesale package but they said they dont sell wholesale but will give a 15% discount.THe prices range from $12.00 and above even without my artwork!

Does anybody know or have an idea of where i can get the exact tshirts in wholesale, blank and cheaper? or similar cuts and fittings without "bursting my purse"?
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Have you tried any of the other major blank t-shirt wholesalers for women to see if any have a cut you might like?

Kavio, Monag, Continental Clothing, Article1, American Apparel, Pacific Sports, Alternative Apparel, etc.
I'm gonna check out the sites aforementioned right now.:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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