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Previous post shut down by @splathead

I don't think it was warranted. Hear me out...

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With cobraink.com shutting down and switching over to heattransferwarehouse.com Wala inks, they now do not offer any Pigment Inks. They only offer their Sublimation Inks. What alternatives do you guys vouch for? Specifically Epson 6 color pigment inks.

Reply by @splathead:
Please do a search before you create a new thread. Cobraink closing - replacement question

My reply that couldn't get posted due to the post being shut down:
I did thanks, but if you read through that post it is specifically about Sublimation inks and also the only suggestions are for 4 color solutions. That is not what I'm looking for. So, instead of hijacking that thread, and since I'm asking a completely different question based on the ink set, I figured I'd ask in the "Heat Transfer" section VS "Dye Sub".

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and please shut down, but I think my post is in the proper section and relevant.

I used to get my pigmented ink from Ross at Inkjetcarts... but he too suddenly disappeared and is no longer in business. After nothing but problems from my Workforce printers, I finally bit the bullet and bought an EcoTank 16600 and have been using OEM ink. With that being said, I am considering trying some third party ink. I have found a couple of options online from "Inkxpro" and "inkowl" , but I have not tried them out and cannot vouch for either of them.

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