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Looking for Cheap Hoodies.

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Looking to get some cheap hoodys, the price they got from someone is 6.25 a piece with printing and shipping included. We are talking about 2000 pieces. If someone can point me in a direction for some cheap hoodies to be able to match my competitors price I would appreciate it.


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Wow, I can't even get the hoodies for that price blank! The cheapest wholesale hoodie I've found so far is about $8, but then I wasn't shopping for 2000 of them either. That price sounds more like a tee price than a hoodie price. I suppose if they are coming from China and having the printing done there it could be a realistic price. Personally, I'd tell them if they can get it for that price to go with it.

I just turned away a customer the other day that quoted a price of $4.50 each for a specific animal stuffed toy with a t-shirt printed with their logo. I couldn't find a toy for less than $6 unless I wanted to buy 5000 of them directly from China. All they wanted was 250 of them. It would have been an easy job, but I don't like the idea of being asked to work for free and then still give a discount!
Its one of my clients that we do contract printing for, he usually gets 2000 bags a year for this customer of his. He came in this morning tell us that he has that challenge of beating that price for hoodies. Obviously if I can help him find these blanks we get to print them. I did tell him the same, must be from China and they will take a longer time to get them. We were also thinking they must have been crew necks that they were quoted, the price seems way to low.
That is definitely way too low for printed hoodies. Maybe the person who gave them the quote hadn't really thought it out and was quoting for tees or crew neck sweatshirts thinking that a hoodie couldn't cost that much more...? Who knows. It just seems very unrealistic to me. Sounds like something I would've done before I found out how much it really costs to buy something...
Sorry, friends

just want to know the "specs" of the hoodie.

Just a typical Hoodie with a front pocket. It can be light weight if needed to meet the pricing...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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