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Looking for Canadian Sites Using Woo Commerce

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Looking for Canadian Sites Using Woo Commerce.....Anyone here running a site like that or know of one....Thanks...
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Hi Royster. I have a couple. They are kinda dormant at the moment. Just been too busy in my other business (embroidery) to concentrate on the sites.
Why are you looking for Canadian sites specifically?


Various tax rates for GST, PST, HST, etc.....Canada Post Shipping...Not sure if I can tell much from looking but wanted to look anyway.....
My sites are not currently set up for shipping.
But from what I recall the settings in woocommerce are pretty inclusive.

Have you contacted woo themes?
I found them responsive when I made my last inquiry with them.
I'm in a "tax free" country and it allows me to deal with that. You'd be surprise how many platforms don't cater for tax-free zones. I don't think it will be an issue for you.

The main thing problem I had was finding a payment gateway.
Despite being in one of the biggest financial centers of the world, No-one would touch us with a barge pole! Ironic, given that to even open a current account or business account you have to give your life history and to deposit cash requires proof of where the funds came from!

Eventually I found a gateway at a decent rate. Woo commerce is a great platform.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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