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Looking for blank dance bags (duffles, totes, bags, etc.)

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I'm having a hard time finding something and just thought maybe someone here could point me in a different direction....

I want to take a "dance" bag to my local dance studio with their name and logo in bling and see if I can sell them. I'm having a really hard time finding blank bags. I don't have a particular style in mind, but I still can't find something I want to use.

I checked my two usuals, SanMar and Broder Bros. (I LOVE Broder Bros. by the way -- unsolicited endorsement.) But both of theirs are polyester, or too small of an area available for my design, or something....Then I tried Boxercraft and found a cinch bag I like, but it's on backorder until September. The only other wholesaler I have ever used is S&S Activewear and they don't have anything either.

Do you all know of any suppliers that have good canvas or cotton duffle bags, totes, etc.? Or am I just being too particular?

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You can try Bodek & Rhodes. I buy canvas totes all the time from them but they have a large selection of other bags.
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Chuck, thank you so much! I had never heard of them, but they had exactly what I was looking for.
I've already set up an account with them and am putting together an order right now. Thanks so much for answering!!
NP Leap. May your bags be always full. :)
Leap - Did you ever find any bags? I would love to know! Thanks
How are you guys shipping these bags/totes/duffel to customers?
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