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Looking for blank bucket hats for kids...anyone know of a supplier???

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I am looking to heat press some designs onto kids bucket hats (to compliment my tshirt designs) but I haven't been able to find a supplier in Australia. I really want sizes to fit babies and toddlers but also kids of an older age. I like, black, hot pink, blue and white but any colour would be a good start. If anyone has any ideas i would really appreciate it.
Cheers Sally
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I'd be looking at Dynamic headwear, the AH715 comes in a S/S. OR Headwear stockist the 4132 is an infants, though doesn't come in black or white.

Hope this helps, If you need contacts feel free to Pm me.

Thankyou, it definitely helps.- i have been running around in circles. I will give them both a call today. Have you tried heat pressing onto either of these styles? If so do you have a preference? I have tried heat pressing a plastisol transfer onto a brushed cotton cap (it might have been heavy brushed cotton - not sure) and it just didn't take. I'm not sure if it was my technique, transfer machine settings or the fabric. Cheers
LW reid also do some kids (mostly school style) hats
No sorry, never heatpressed on to them, mostly embroider. I've probably got some dynamic ones here but not headwear stockist, I find them a pain to deal with, but they do have some nice styles.

I liek the dynamic ones, but for what you want to do it may be completley different. If I have some thermo to cut later I'll heat press one and let you know.

Thanks for that Damien - i apppreciate it. Obviously the forum is for t-shirts so I am happy to hear from you about hats too.
Hi Sally,
we use winning spirit for the bucket hats, I do not believe they have bright pink but they have a few different colours. We heat press onto them and they have turned out quite good.

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