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Looking for an alternative to the "flexible silicon pad" for heatpress

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I just found about the flexible silicon pad to avoid marks while doing dye sublimation.

My question is this.

Is there any alternative to the Stahls supplier? I´m from Spain and it costs like 70$ with shipping, i think it´s too much for a piece of silicon.
I´ve been thinking about other possibilities and i don´t know if anybody tried before other silicon pads, the same ones people use for cooking in then grill and those things....
do you think it can work? Any cheaper alternatives?

Thanks a lot in advance
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To eliminate the crease marks from the edges of the paper, you will to use a Teflon pillow. The pillow is very simple. We use 1/2" foam (12mm for the rest of the world)from a hobby or sewing store. Make your "pillow case" from silicone sheets and place your foam inside.

The silicone sheet simply allows your to easily move the piece inside the shirt. The foam must be slightly larger than the graphic and smaller than your transfer paper. The edges of the transfer paper must hang over the edge of the foam. This prevents the edges of the transfer paper from even coming in contact with the fabric.
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