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Looking for an all round opinion - new site, existing brand...

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some general feedback on a side project i have been working on in my spare time.
I am a former fashion and current graphic design ba honours student in England and began to put together a short line of tee designs a year ago.

3 days ago I finished a week of totally re-designing the website, and other than a new shoot for the homepage I felt it was about done.

Anyway, any general opinion on the site or the designs are welcome. im not totally happy with the tees I have at the moment and am currently re-inventing the brand to be more personal and edgy, but as I still have to get rid of the current stock it would be nice to hear thoughts.

Thanks for everybodys time.

A Famous Lyre

A Famous Lyre — Home

(the site is hosted by bigcartel)
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Andy, Hello. You were looking for criticism of your website.
Okay - very quickly - top of my head.
It's okay but not brilliant in any way. It's not too jumpy either which I like. It needs much more depth. The homepage has a little depth but then it's flat after that. It would benefit greatly from some real models wearing your shirts to give it a bit of humanity. Be wary of the written drivel that everyone seems to write to get the public to 'buy in' to their personal ethos. Joe public couldn't give a toss. The browser will like the shirts or they will click away in two seconds. How about buying a few lines of blank shirts from Ralawise to resell with a small mark-up to pad the site out until you have the rest of your designs ready. You could get the whole female side of your site up and running immediately with modelled blank shirts and it would cosset your own designed ones. £1000 and you would be well away topping up from Ralawise as required. I think maybe Ralawise or one of these companies I looked at let you use their catalogue modeled images so it's ready made; phone them. The buttons on the front page are almost like background; they need to be clear buttons - have a look at the buttons in Amazon etc and make the product button in particular poke their eye out. Make the T shirt images (at some point) fill the screen; preferably modelled.
Don't put any half hearted or apologetic stuff on - just straight product info and the impression that your are genuine and trustable and that you believe your shirts are the best in the world. You need more products on there to make it look less amateur.
Not sure why there is a Light Sussex chicken on the front page when there could be something useful.
Afamouslyre doesn't mean a thing to me - I don't identify with whatever it is. Do other people that don't know you identify with it? Ask them. The green on the site is way too pale. The site is overall a bit shy and humble.
There you go, quick rambling thoughts. Hope it adds to your info. All the best. Bruce.
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The Twitter button doesn't take you anywhere. You need to hyper-link it.

Also, you might want to get a Facebook Like Page instead of a group page. You're a brand, not a cause. Plus, if you make a status update, everyone will see it. Like pages are so much better...

Other than that, it's not bad. Andy made some good points. You'll get better as you go. Good luck man!
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