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Looking For American Eagle

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Hi. I am wondering if anyone out there knows if American Eagle Transfers is still in business. If so could you email their toll free number to me at [email protected]. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much.
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I have tried to email this company for info to no avail. It seems that the email address on their site no longer exists. There does not seem to be a valid phone number to call them either. Does this company still exist??
Try this number from their "Become a Reseller" link: (540) 381-7002
Here's their domain registration details, cut out everything you shouldn't really need. Amy Adams is listed as tech contact and administrative.

Administrative Contact:
Adams, Amy [email protected]
(540) 745-3074

This may be the person who set up their website, or you may end up getting the person who owns the business. However it's a phone number, and a name of someone involved.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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