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Looking for American Arrow Multiprinter Operating Manual

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I recently acquired an American Arrow Multiprinter for next to nothing...
Machine was in working condition until being disassembled recently.

I'm looking for an operating manual for this press, there are several old post on the forum from people who had one, but none of them are replying to me...

Anyone have one?
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I have experience operating american machines, not the multiprinter but the control panel is similar to the american centurian I ran. What exactly are you having trouble with? Installation or operation or both? There are a few little tricks to getting it running in auto mode but after you get that down everything else is easy to figure out. If it's the operation part giving you trouble, take a picture of the main control panel where I can read the toggle switches and I can help. A good thing to do is not put any screens in and dry cycle the press until you feel comfortable doing the real thing. That's how I learned to use our centurian. I was the screen guy and our printer just walked out one day and I had to figure everything out the hard way.
Well, I haven't re-assembled the machine yet, looking for a manual to learn as much as I can before getting into it...

I plan to set up the basics (electrical, position, assembly) and then have a technician come in to do the fine-tuning before working with it...

The dry run sounds like a great idea though!

Just looking for the operating manual, seems like a good place to start!
I have almost every american manual and schematic if you need it,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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